Miura clan

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Miura clan mon
Parent houseTaira clan
Final rulerMiura Yoshimoto
Ruled until1516, Siege of Arai
Cadet branchesAshina clan
Miura Yoshizumi
Miura Yoshizumi in an image from the Bakumatsu period
Yagura of the Miura Clan
Yagura of the Miura Clan in Kamakura. Sotoba and gifts are visible

The Miura family (三浦氏, Miura-shi) was one of the branch families descended from the Taira clan. They held large fiefs, and retained great political influence. They were one of the primary opponents of the Hōjō family of regents in the mid-13th century, and again at the beginning of the 16th. Miura remains a common family name in Japan today.

The Miura clan supported Minamoto no Yoritomo[1] in the foundation of the Kamakura shogunate, but were later annihilated by Hōjō Tokiyori in 1247. However, the family name was reassigned to a supporter of the Hōjō clan, and the Miura continued to rule Miura Peninsula through the Muromachi period until their defeat at Arai Castle in a 1516 attack by Hōjō Sōun.

Members of the Miura clan[edit]

'Miura' was also the family name given to English sailor William Adams, who became shipwrecked in Japan in the year 1600.[citation needed]

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